Choosing your wedding transport needs a lot of consideration. Not only does the chosen car express the couples personality, it also needs to blend with the overall wedding theme, and is a reflection of the atmosphere the couple wants to project for the day. There are many things to consider and this guide to chauffeur driven wedding car hire should help all Special Day Cars customers with everything they need to think about.

Who leaves in which car?

Firstly, who leaves in which car will determine the organization of the day, the amount of cars and how many people must be accommodated for.  The Groom and Best Man are the first to arrive at the ceremony. So depending on distance they will leave in a chauffeur driven wedding car first.

The Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride leave together in a chauffeur driven wedding car, they usually arrive at the wedding ceremony venue shortly after the Groom and Best Man. The Bridesmaids will wait outside for the arrival of the Bride whilst the Mother of the Bride is escorted to her seat by one of the Ushers.

The Bride and Father of the Bride leave together in a wedding car, they arrive at the wedding ceremony last of all. Photographs should be taken of the arrival and as the bride exits the car and enters the ceremony venue.

Plan your journey route

Planning the route to take is fundamental to timing on your special day. Each car or member of the wedding needs to arrive at their specific time. A good chauffeur driven wedding car hire company will always find the perfect route for you in order to give you peace of mind on the day.

Consider the length and time of journey

The length and time of your journey is crucial, so take time to consider factors which may effect the time. Journeys half an hour down the road can take two hours during high traffic. Always allow adequate time and consider how long you would like to be in transit.

Setting a budget

The price of a chauffeur driven wedding car hire can vary depending on the style and age of the car.  As well as the distance and duration of the journeys. Arrange a budget you are willing to spend and ask the car hire company what their best price is.

Length of hire

The length of hire depends on your plan for the day. A wedding car hire company should only take one booking per vehicle per day in order to meet the requirements of the wedding party. It is a special day and changes may occur.

Seating capacity

A wedding is a special day and you don’t want anyone to be forgotten or missed out. So it is important you choose cars that will accommodate everyone in your wedding party. The tradition is to supply transport for the bride and father of the bride, the mother of the bride and the bridesmaids, the groom and the best man. It is often the case to get carried away with such a choice of exciting and beautiful cars , but it is important to make sure everyone will fit.

Vehicle availability

It is important that you book well in advance if you have a specific dream car in mind. We at Special Day Cars have bookings two years in advance in some cases. That is not to say that we cannot provide last minute bookings. For peace of mind and ease it would be preferable to book as soon as possible.


There are so many options for your chauffeur driven wedding car hire. Special Day Cars can help you choose. If you have a particular theme or decoration in mind this could help you decide. If you wanted a modern contemporary theme you could opt for a supercar. If glamour and luxury is the key, you could choose a traditional Rolls Royce or a Bentley. The options are endless. From vintage to quirky Special Day Cars can help with your wedding car hire.


Special Day Cars always use a professional chauffeur. This is so that you can have confidence and comfort on your special day. We will have you arriving in style, in perfect time. So that you can sit back and enjoy your day.

If you have any other questions regarding your wedding car hire please contact us on 07800589792.

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