Chauffeur driven wedding cars make magnificent entrances and nothing beats the pleasure of traveling in opulent luxury and style. As we all know, planning a wedding can be demanding. So we have composed our top tips for your chauffeur driven wedding cars.


Careful thought is needed when considering which style would best suit you, your fiancé and your wedding theme. Depending on how you are personalising, your day will reflect the style of car you choose. For example, you could choose a style that would compliment your theme i.e for a traditional vintage themed wedding you could hire a chauffeur driven vintage wedding car from a bygone era like a Rolls Royce Open Top Tourer. If you were having a classic and luxurious wedding you could hire a chauffeur driven Bentley Arnage . Or if you were a contemporary modern couple getting married you could hire a chauffeur driven supercar like an Aston Martin DB9. The options are endless. Modern or traditional – there is a car to match. You could even choose a more quirky style if you wanted – such as a horse and carriage, a campervan , a beetle or even a hot air balloon.


So you have pondered over the style you would like. Now there is the choice of which model you would like. Many models hold prestige, many are traditionally used for weddings, others offer great ambiance and impression. You only marry once so if you have a dream car or a type you would love to have the experience of riding in, then now is a great chance. So if you have always wanted a chauffeur driven ride in an Aston Martin, to be chauffeured in a Jaguar, have a luxurious chauffeur driven drive in a Bentley, travel in the chauffeur driven style given only by a Ferrari or always dreamt of the beautiful white wedding complete with a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce, then go for it.


This is probably not your first consideration while wistfully imagining which car would be your dream wedding car. However, it is extremely important. You need to think about your dress / out fit for the day, how many people you wish to transport and the venue entrance capacity. Comfort is paramount on such a momentous day so size is an aspect that must not be overlooked.


The colour of your car is important as your car will be the back drop in your wedding photos as you arrive. Colour clashing on your big day would be a great shame and there need not be any disappoint on your once in a lifetime big day. The colour of the car must coordinate with your wedding colours. A useful finishing touch would be to add ribbon to match the bridesmaids or flower girls, or wedding flowers.


The amount of passengers that will need transporting will determine how many chauffeur driven wedding cars you will require. You need to consider how both the bride (and father of the bride ) will reach the ceremony venue. How the groom (and best man) will arrive. How the bride and groom will travel together to the wedding reception venue. How the other guests will travel. Lastly, how the bride and groom will leave the venue. We would recommend discussing your options with your wedding car hire company and planning the day to enable both yourself and your guests the most pleasurable hassle free day as possible.


It is important to set realistic timings to your big day. It is traditional for the Groom to arrive ahead of the bride. The best tip for the timing is to discuss this with your wedding car hire company. They are experienced and under take a wedding daily so they know all the possible hurdles and situations that can arise. They can also put you at ease by explaining that they will undertake a practice route journey, find the best traffic diversion routes, arrive in pristine condition with both car and chauffeur before schedule, etc.


Convenience is the key to a wedding day. There should be limited waiting times, photographs must be perfect and all the small things thought about. For example, think about your hair if in an open top chauffeur driven wedding car.


Careful consideration is needed when choosing a wedding car hire company. Think about the company you are using. Do they have a website? Do they have public liability insurance ? The company must be professional, well presented, experienced at wedding driving and be able to put you at ease on the day. View our quick list – so that you know what to check for when calling your wedding car company.


A chauffeur instantly provides luxury and style to your transportation. It is a must have for your wedding. As the bride and groom, you will be treated like royalty as deserved on such a big day.


It is important when booking with any company with regards to your wedding day. This is your special day that you have dreamt about forever and a day that you will always remember. The best way to check the company you are using is to look at reviews. Customer testimonials are a great way to see how previous newly weds have felt about their transport on the day.

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