Rolls Royce Phantom

This exceptional £250,000 car is designed to touch the senses and ensure that your journey is savoured and enjoyed. Your voyage in the Phantom is one of those pleasures that will never be forgotten. The Rolls Royce Phantom is ultimate in prestige and status.

The Phantom from Rolls-Royce was designed to be the “best car in the world”. Much of the world’s motoring press concur. The Rolls-Royce Phantom is simply the most luxurious and glamorous car on the planet. As a wedding car it is stylish and classy. A glorious wedding car that will be etched for years to come in your wedding memories, photographs and videos.


The Phantom was designed specifically to be “media-friendly”, the Rolls-Royce designers thought this aspect of the design would appeal to their potential clientele, and makes it well suited as a wedding vehicle.

Price from £700

(Michael & Felicity) – Wedding 25th September 2010

Hi Helen,

Many thanks for organising the Rolls Royce Phantom for our Wedding on the 25th September. As requested I have attached some photos of the day with your car. It certainly looks even better when you see it in the flesh and get to ride in it, and definately makes the wedding photos look fantastic.

The guests were very impressed as well.

Apologies for the delay in sending the photos, but we’ve been waiting for the disc from the photographer

Thank you again for your help.


Michael & Felicity


Michael and Felicity

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