film_directorDo you want to stand out from the crowd and leave your special day with a fascinating wedding car. Do you want to be remembered by your wedding party forever?

Well we’ve all heard about the famous ‘Get Away Cars’ or the super cars that get to be stars in the greatest movies of all time. Well, now it’s the perfect opportunity for you to shine and exit the building in a superstar quality vehicle. Today is your special day and you and your fiancé are the leading roles so why not indulge in your fantasies. Leave your wedding reception and start your life journey in a monumental chauffeur driven super car. The possibilities with Special Day Cars are endless.

The traditional ‘just married’ sign, coloured ribbons and tins could be considered as dated, not to mention quite embarrassing. Why not have a stylish exit with one of our chauffeur driven wedding hire cars. These cars are stars in their own right thanks to the creative work of the silver screen. What ever your favourite film we will find a car to suit.

This will make your special day as monumental as when James Bond’s Lotus Espirit turns into a submarine. As enjoyable as James Bonds continuing passion for the Aston Martin. As memorable as Bruce Wayne’s acceleration in a Lamborghini through Gotham City. As captivating as when Tom Cruise is wheel to wheel to the chequered flag as he competes in Napscar in Days of Thunder and as engaging as when Chitty Chitty Bang Bang starts to fly. If you want your wedding to capture the hearts of your party, as the loveable Herbie did to its audiences in the 1970’s, then you need a unique famous film car for your wedding day.

By choosing a car from the films you will instantly feel the adrenalin of being the envy of your party. As a star you will look great in the photographs along side your supercar. This will be a great opportunity for your wedding album or wedding video.

film_awardWith the extra release of Fast and the Furious drawing near we understand the love for fast, vibrant and exhilarating cars and therefore Special Day Cars are happy to provide a chauffeured service to encourage your passion for these remarkably notorious film cars. To indulge in a chauffeur driven wedding hire car for your wedding day please do not hesitate to contact us.

Call us on 07800589792 to discuss your options.

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