Special Day Cars like you to feel at ease on your big day. Planning a wedding can be a stressful time so we hope this makes choosing your wedding car hire a little easier. If you have any other unanswered questions please feel free to call us on 07800589792. Or use the online enquiry form.

When is a good time to book?

We understand that there are many elements of equal importance to consider when arranging your dream wedding. Keeping to budgets, time schedules and wedding wishes can be a strain. However it can also be very exciting, pleasurable and rewarding. For this reason we leave the decision of a good time to book to you. It is down to each personal preference and individual planning abilities. We are happy to take bookings a year in advance and where possible a week in advance. We would recommend avoiding disappointment by booking as soon as possible.

How do we choose the vehicle?

Choosing a chauffeur driven vehicle with Special Day Cars will only be problematical due to the wide selection we hold. We like you to be spoilt for choice and like to offer a wedding car to compliment all styles of weddings. For this reason we suggest you discuss your requirements and wedding themes with one of our friendly team members. Being both wedding and car enthusiasts ourselves, we offer the promise of providing the most perfect chauffeur driven wedding car specifically suited to you and your big day. Please view our choice of cars by clicking this link.

How much is the deposit?

We would like a £100 – £150 deposit (depending on the car) plus a £3 administration charge on all card payments. Once we have received your deposit this will activate your booking after which we will send a confirmation of booking and receipt at your request.

When is the balance payable?

The remaining balance will be due four weeks prior to your event. We will send a friendly reminder as we appreciate how busy you will be with final wedding plans at this time.

What is the overtime rate if the wedding goes longer than expected?

Our standard chauffeur driven wedding car hire will include 3 hours hire. We appreciate that some services may take longer than expected. We understand that the photographs may be required after the ceremony. So for those bookings that run over time it will be at the discretion of our chauffeurs. We only book one wedding per day so we will not be in a hurry to rush away. We pride ourselves on quality customer service and therefore go to every effort to ensure you have a perfect day, transport in style and comfort and have all the photographs necessary to reminisce your big day. If however you would like to book a wedding car for over our standard 3 hours please feel free to discuss this with our team.

What happens if a cancellation is required?

In the unfortunate event of cancellation by yourselves we must have such cancellation in writing. If received within 14 days of agreement being signed a full refund will be given less an administration charge of £75. No refunds will be made if cancellation is notified after 14 days of the Agreement being signed and any outstanding fees must be paid.

Has there ever been a breakdown and what happens?

We are happy to say that we have until now, never had a breakdown occur. If it were to happen we would offer an alternative. We would do our best to find a suitable replacement that would also match your wedding requirements.

Who supplies the decorations and ribbons?

We are happy to provide silk ribbon in ivory or white as a complimentary gift. Please note we do not provide ribbon for the Aston Martins. If you wish to use a ribbon that matches your wedding design please feel free to let us know and we can arrange to use some provided by yourselves.

Who will be the driver?

Special Day Cars have used the same chauffeurs for the last ten years. Our chauffeurs own the cars and therefore pride themselves on perfect presentation of the vehicle. They are also enthusiasts about their cars and where requested can show you around the cars and engines and tell you everything you wish to know. This may not be of importance to you – but it is often an extra touch for those who choose their dream Super Cars as their wedding car hire.

What do the drivers wear?

Our drivers are always professionally attired in chauffeur uniform and hat. If required we could dress to suit your theme. For example if you required a campervan we would be happy to chauffeur in a Hawaiian shirt.

What if it is cold or rains?

Unfortunately we cannot re- arrange vehicles as a result of the weather on the day. So this needs to be thought out before booking. We will go to every length to enable you to enjoy your day whatever the weather. We always carry an umbrella within the vehicles should a rainy day arise.

What else do you offer?

We offer special offers on multiple vehicles. Our packages can be individually placed depending on your budget and requirements. Please contact a member of the team on 07800589792 or use the online enquiry form. If you have any requests or wedding car hire ideas please do not hesitate to ask. After all it is your big day and you deserve to have just what you have always dreamt of.

Are we able to use your vehicles in the photographs?

We would love for you to use our cars in your wedding photographs. In fact we would insist that you do. The car you choose will compliment your day and look fabulous in your wedding albums. We would love to have a copy of your photographs to have them on our testimonial page. Plus we always like to see our cars with the happy couple on their special day.

If you have any other questions please call us on 07800589792or use the online enquiry form.

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