There is nothing as memorable as a themed wedding, so why not opt for a glamorous and lavish Hollywood themed wedding accessorised with a chauffeur driven Aston Martin – Hollywood hero style.

With accessories like having a red carpet to escort your guests through to their venue, layering tables with glitter, scattering  gold stars and movie memorabilia everywhere, your wedding can be fit for the stars.

Your guests could even be in fancy dress, posing as their favourite film icon. The music would of course be momentous film soundtracks of the romantic genre.  The food would of course be celebrity inspired cuisine with champagne flutes. Tables would be named after famous film stars like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino etc, no corner of Hollywood theme would be unturned.

The most important inclusion of the day is of course the leading man and the leading lady. With you being the iconic stars of the day you both need to arrive in granduer and splendour.


Special Day Cars would like to recommend the inclusion of the renowned Aston Martin for your chauffeur driven wedding car hire.

We also have many chauffeur driven bridal cars available to offer super star status for a Hollywood theme wedding. Simply contact us on 07800589792 or email contact@specialdaycars.com

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