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What better way to travel on the most romantic day of your life, than in an incredibly cute ‘love bug’. With the publics love and adoration for this creatively quirky vehicle in motion, this is just the most perfect chauffeur driven car for your wedding day. A Volkswagen wedding car is such a unique way to travel with a quirkiness that you and your party will remember forever. We understand the importance of keeping everlasting memories of your special day, which is why we suggest hiring the beautifully curvaceous Volkswagen beetle as your chauffeur driven wedding day car. The fantastic photographic opportunities for your special day will be endlessly innovative and extremely monumental. Much of the Beetle’s charm is due to its quirky design, creating captivatingly charming images that can be a reminisced reflection of your amazing day.

We at Special Day Cars are personally Volkswagen enthusiasts. With our passion combined with our dynamic fleet, we offer a fantastic chauffeur driven experience. We have researched and compared prices and we know we cannot be beaten on price. We also know that the Volkswagen Beetle has an unrivalled place in popular culture and with its cult status (along with that of the VW camper van) they are recognizably distinctive and charismatic cars, perfect for a wedding. We understand the importance of personalising your day. It is the unique and finer touches that make your day special, and it is these personal details that shine through to make the day remarkably memorable and charmingly successful.

“Something old, something new” makes your wedding day wishes come true! So for the perfect wedding you could choose either the contemporary models or the vintage styles, as they are both as iconic and fascinating as the other. Both spectrums create the desired magic to allure the guests into romance on your special day, hence their stage name ‘The Love Bug’. This reason alone makes the Volkswagen Beetle unmistakeably the ‘must have’ for a special wedding day.

If you wanted to incorporate the tremendous Classic Volkswagen Beetle Wedding Day Car into your special day- this could be your traditional ‘Something old’. An iconic classic Volkswagen Beetle saloon will pleasantly recapture the spirit and style of times gone by. This classic car creates a great sense of nostalgia to your guests with its unique cute characteristics and vintage touch. This is perfect for a traditionally romantic theme, especially when chauffeur driven and decorated in carefully handcrafted vintage ribbon. The Classic Volkswagen Beetle will create an adoringly charming classic touch to your special day.

New VW Beetle

The perfect feature for your ‘something new’ would most definitely need to be the chauffeur driven Modern Beetle Cabriolet Wedding Car. This alluringly contemporary vehicle, created by Volkswagen, is without a doubt a popular concept car. This chic and modern convertible is a fashionable choice, already as iconic as its former designs. The futuristic styling is attentively reminiscent of the original Beetle’s. With its charmingly curvaceous shape mused from the classic beetles iconic curves creates the most perfectly romantic dream chauffeur driven wedding car. With this, combined with the added extras from the latest technology, this car is the panache of perfection and style. With its beautifully designed unique- fit stereo you can travel in style with your own choice of music. This charismatic car is a necessity for a chic and contemporary wedding.

If you wanted an even more quirky idea you could go for a ‘Herbie’ Love Bug . Your ‘something borrowed’ could be a 1963 replica of the lovable film star. For the fun and quirky this is ultimately the most popular chauffeur driven wedding day car. To hire a Herbie Unique Wedding Day Car, you will be admired for your creativity. Unique and innovative touches to your special day create the images that will be remembered forever. Herbie’s ‘Rag Top’ sunroof holds great possibilities for photographs and fond memories. With his chrome wheels, chunky racing tyres, and that all important beep beep horn this experience will recreate the personalities and characteristics of the much loved love bug. This option is both retro and unique with remarkable effects on your wedding party. He’ll have the whole party going “…BANANAS!” This quirky personal twist on your day will pleasantly surprise everyone and will be enjoyed and reminisced by yourselves forever.

So we are sure you’ll agree that the Volkswagen Beetle Chauffeur Driven Wedding Day Car is the most perfect way to travel on your special day. What better way to start your journey of marital bliss than in the memorable ‘love bug’. With everyone showing their congratulations, adoration and admiration for your loving ceremony, you as the bride and groom will not get much time alone together. Why not take this opportunity to get chauffeur driven, while you sit back and relax with a glass of champagne, in your very own little love bubble, the beautiful Volkswagen Beetle.

We specialise in chauffeur driven wedding car hire and we believe that the Volkswagen Beetle is perfect for weddings. We customise our cars to suit the individual, couple or group and we will decorate the car to suit any venue. This car undoubtedly appeals to the free-spirited, and thanks to Volkswagen, we have a range of illustrated vinyl decals for decorating our curvy fun-cars to adapt to any occassion. We just wouldn’t want anyone to miss out.

So, for this unique and exciting way to travel to your special day, look no further than the incredible creations of Volkswagen on this site. With our fun, personal and professional team, you can be relaxed and excited about your chauffeur driven journeys on your special day. Just take a look at the unique and unforgettable Volkswagen wedding day cars we have to offer. If you wish to make an enquiry please email contact@specialdaycars.com.

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