Questions to ask a wedding photographer during the initial consultation:


Will we have a signed and binding contract that lists our package and agreed services?

This is essential. Without a contract and a written agreement, you have no comeback if you don’t receive the service or products you were expecting.

Do you have insurance?

Check that your chosen photographer has Public Liability & Professional Indemnity insurance.

What happens in the event of illness or accident?

Can the photographer offer an adequate replacement if he or she falls ill or breaks a leg before the wedding day?

Do you work with an assistant or second shooter and is there a charge for this?

Some photographers will bring a second shooter, some will charge for this and some will happily work alone with just an assistant carrying bags. If you would specifically like a second photographer to be present, make sure you find out how much this might cost.

How long will you stay on the day of the wedding and will there be a charge if the event lasts longer than planned?

Some photographers will not limit the number of hours they stay at all others will have a set number of hours they will stay for. Whatever the options & possibilities, make sure you understand exactly what is and what is not included well in advance.

Are you going to be the photographer who attends our wedding?

Some studios have several photographers who they hire out for weddings. Make sure that the photographer you are meeting and getting to know is the same one who will shoot your wedding.

After the wedding, how long will it be before we are able to see the photographs?

All photographers work differently, what is important is that your expectations are set and that you are given a realistic idea of how long you will have to wait before you see your proofs after the wedding day and that this promise is fulfilled.

Do you carry backup equipment in case of failure?

In the unlucky event that problems occur with the photographers equipment you need to know this is not going to effect your photographs, do they have backup equipment? This is one of the main differences between a professional and an amateur and a very important question for you to ask.

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